Asttitva Samajik Sanstha

Empowering Lives, Inspiring Change, Building a Better World

Asttitva Samajik Sanstha

Empowering Lives, Inspiring Change, Building a Better World

Asttitva Samajik Sanstha

Empowering Lives, Inspiring Change, Building a Better World

Asttitva Samajik Sanstha

Empowering Lives, Inspiring Change, Building a Better World


To empower the weak and make them self-sufficient, ensuring they are not exploited or subjected to further suffering, promoting dignity


To ensure equal access to education for girls and provide comprehensive care for the elderly. We strive to empower girls through education,


Empowering the weak and making them capable of self-sustainability, without further burdening the victims or adding to their sorrow,

Who We Are

Asttitva Samajik Sanstha

Established in 2021, Asttitva Samajik Sanstha is dedicated to serving the underprivileged and marginalized sections of society. Our organization is actively involved in providing essential resources such as food, grains, and clothing to disadvantaged communities, including tribal populations, farmers, and the impoverished in specific regions. We also focus on the well-being of orphanages, providing educational materials, books, and clothing for students in need.

At Asttitva Samajik Sanstha, we take responsibility for managing and organizing the lives of homeless and unsupported individuals. Our mission is to bring truth, justice, and dignity to their lives by offering shelter, support, rehabilitation, and medical care. We strive to improve the living conditions of those facing economic disadvantages and vulnerable circumstances.

Founded by Mrs. Mangal Nitin Manjrekar and Dr. Sudhakar Ganpat Kudu in 2021, our organization aims to empower vulnerable individuals and foster self-reliance. We believe in treating everyone with respect and enabling them to lead prosperous lives.

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What We Do

Women Empowerment

Asttitva Samajik Sanstha is dedicated to empowering women in India through its wide-ranging initiatives.

Vocational Training

In today’s world, it is vital for women to be self-reliant and have the ability to make decisions

Old Age Care

Taking care of the elderly is a vital responsibility that we deeply value. We believe in the wisdom

Family Counseling

We firmly believe that family is the cornerstone of society, and we prioritize its significance

Future Plan

Provision of Bi-cycle

In order to address the transportation challenges faced by students in remote areas who have to walk long distances to school, we have developed

Old Age Home

Asttitva Samajik Sanstha is also planning to establish an Old Age Home in the near future to provide care and support for abandoned and destitute

Shelter for Needy

We have a noble future plan of establishing a Shelter for the Needy, providing homes to abandoned individuals, including children and women,


Independence Day

Every year, Asttitva Samajik Sanstha enthusiastically celebrates Independence Day on the 15th of August, embracing the essence of freedom and unity.

Republic Day

Republic Day is also celebrated on the 26th of January every year on our organization’s premises to mark the day when our Constitution came into effect, establishing India

International Women’s Day

We believe in gender equality and empowering women, which is why our organization observes International Women’s Day on March 8th each year. We organize events, rallies,

Our Values

Our organization upholds integrity, collaboration, and compassion as core values for impactful change.


We believe in the power of collaboration, working hand in hand to achieve greater impact and foster meaningful change.


Our motive is to uphold the highest standards of integrity, fostering trust, transparency, and accountability in all our endeavors.


Compassion lies at the heart of our organization, as we strive to empathize, support, and uplift those in need.

Chairman Message

Dear Members and Supporters,

It is with great honor and privilege that I address you as the Chairman of our esteemed organization. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and commitment to our mission. In our organization, we emphasize the importance of our collective efforts in bringing positive change to society. Together, we have the power to make a lasting impact. Let us remain committed to our mission of serving the underprivileged, empowering women, and caring for the elderly. I encourage all members to actively engage in our mission, fostering a spirit of unity and collaboration. I also want to thank each and every one of those who have contributed their generosity to give us the courage to establish ourselves as a recognized social welfare organization in India.

Mrs. Mangal Nitin Manjrekar


Secretary Message

As the Secretary of our organization, I am delighted to witness the remarkable growth and development we have achieved. Our collective efforts have led to impactful initiatives, empowering the marginalized, promoting education, and fostering a sense of inclusivity. We will pave the way for sustainable change through strategic planning, effective communication, and collaboration. I encourage all members to actively participate, share their ideas, and contribute to our collective vision. I extend my sincere appreciation to our dedicated members, whose relentless dedication and commitment have been instrumental in driving our mission forward. Let us continue to embrace innovation, cultivate partnerships, and strive for excellence as we navigate the path toward a brighter future, leaving a lasting legacy of positive change in the communities we serve.

Dr. Sudhakar Ganpat Kudu


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We welcome your inquiries and feedback. Feel free to reach out to us for any questions or collaborations. Your input is valuable to us as we strive to create a better world. Connect with us and be a part of our mission for a positive impact.

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